WordPress Theme Development

Affordable WordPress theme development

WordPress is one of the largest & most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world, its currently used by more than 29% of all websites on the internet to date!

It then makes perfect sense to use WordPress as the backbone of your website & have a theme developed or customised to meet your needs.

I pride myself on the knowledge I hold on the platform.  I’ve been working with it for a number of years now. I have owned, created, customised and managed a number of WordPress websites over the years.

I’m able to work on new projects, part-completed sites and existing solutions. From building blogs and forums through to large multi-site installations, my process is adaptable to fit the requirements of each project.

All of the WordPress web sites I create go through a rigorous testing process, adhering to Google & WordPress standards.
Not everyone needs a custom theme built from scratch.

It’s possible to take full advantage of the wide range of free & premium themes WordPress has to offer, I am then able to adapt these to your needs. Colors, fonts, layout and functionality can all be changed to match your own branding and the goals you hold for your website.



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