uForm Coatings is a Darlington based wood & furniture re-finishing company.

The owner of the website previously had his site with Yell, however he was not happy with the service that they provided and also the price that he was paying them.

After speaking with the owner over email & phone calls for a number of weeks, he decided it was time to leave Yell and asked me to create him a website and also host it for him.

I was provided with the logo, required colors and all images to  create this website & was given free reign on the design of the site. I created 3 different styles of the websites for the owner to choose from, in the end he decided to choose the one that is shown in the image.

The owner was impressed with the clean, functional look & the ease of use of the website.  The website was completed fully and made live within 1 week.

(This website is not live on the clients website no longer as the domain name was not renewed by the client, however he has plans to make this website live again and he has asked me to create a new look for it.)