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Past Incidents

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Memory Upgrade (Scheduled)
02/07/2018 03:00 - 02/07/2018 04:00
Priority - Medium
Affecting Server - bravo

As part of our continued effort to improve uptime and performance, a minor hardware upgrade will be taking place the early hours of tomorrow morning (02/07/18),  This upgrade involves adding in new memory to the server.

This work will be carried out at approx 3am, downtime should be expected of roughly 10 minutes whilst this work is carried out.

Server Hardware upgrade (Scheduled)
27/06/2018 21:00 - 28/06/2018 07:00
Priority - High
Affecting Server - bravo

Our servers are being swapped out with brand new hardware tonight.  This will help increase stability and performance substantially. 

No action is required on your part as the data center will be taking care of everything.

All work will be carried out during the night tonight with everything finalised for first thing in the morning.

We are expeting there to be downtime whilst this work is carried out.

Planned Reboot 11pm GMT (Scheduled)
27/04/2018 23:00 - 27/04/2018 23:10
Priority - High
Affecting Server - bravo

Evening everyone

This is just an update to provide advanced notice of a scheduled reboot of our Bravo server tonight (27/4/18). 

This reboot is scheduled for 11PM GMT.

As you will be aware, the service will be down and inaccessible - this is estimated to last no more than 5 minutes.